Slaats Agapornis Champ Original ES Rudi Bleyen (20 kg)

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Agapornis Champ Original ES Rudi Bleyen, the quality of this mixture is very high because it contents very carefully selected seeds of extra quality. Read more
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Out of stock, but product can be ordered

Information about the product:

Agapornis Champ Original ES Rudi Bleyen


is a complete seed menu for Agapornides. Developed by the world-famous, successful breeder Rudi Bleyen. Made from carefully selected seeds of exceptional quality.

Instructions for use: Give your bird a daily fresh portion. Ensure a healthy condition and smooth skin of Slaats Eivoer and/or Slaats Eivoer Plus. Store in a cool and dry place.

Ingredients: Canary seeds, various millet seeds, heart seeds, linseeds, hemp seeds, Negerseed, peeled oat flakes, buckwheat.

Average analysis: crude protein 14.7%, crude fat 10.4%, crude fibre 9.7%, crude ash 4.0%, moisture 11.1%.

About Rudi Bleyen:

After years of searching for my ideal mix, I have now found a partner in SLAATS who mixes my food as I like it. The quality of their seeds is also very high, which was a must in my search for a good mixture. My birds get this mixture is offered by me all year round, supplemented with oatmeal cubes. This depends on the period of growth or rest. My rosé cockroaches and cockroaches also get this mixture with very good results. It is very important to me that they are not fed too much fat.

In addition to this seed mixture, I try to give the birds fresh fruit and vegetables such as apples, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, onions,..... to give.

My birds only get concentrated feed when they lie with young animals. You will not receive concentrated feed during the pre-cooking process. On the day the first boy comes out of the egg, they are given dry fodder. This is supplemented 3 times a week with my homemade concentrate. For the homemade concentrate, I take a portion of the ground bread with a portion of the dry concentrate. It is ground with all kinds of vegetables and fruits until it has become a messy mixture.

In recent years I have heard from more and more enthusiasts that they have problems with the cultivation of agapornids. Especially the dolls that don't lie down anymore. In my opinion, the fan often has this in his own hands. Birds that are over-greasy will be more likely to have this problem because the dolls are already saturated with fats before they start breeding. By feeding the rationed birds, they have to eat everything and therefore also take up a more varied diet, which automatically benefits fatigue. A bird that has to spend its whole life in a rearing or exhibition cage will be less fit and thus give off fewer young animals than birds that can fly out regularly in an aviary. Of course not everyone has the space to offer flights, but it will certainly benefit the birds.


Content Agapornis Champ Original ES Rudi Bleyen:          20 kg

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