Agrobs LeichtGenuss (15 kg)

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The number of overweight horses and the resulting problems such as metabolic disorders has risen drastically. The newly developed LeichtGenuss from AGROBS has been created specifically to tackle this problem. Read more
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Information about the product:

Agrobs LeichtGenuss, high in fiber, low in energy.


  • Pasture grasses and herbs provide low-protein, high-quality crude fiber
  • Marigold blossom, tasty and rich in vital substances
  • Very low energy content, also suitable in times of no performance
  • High-quality straw improves occupancy
  • Hibiscus blossoms and shrub rose petals provide vital substances
  • Extremely low starch and sugar content
  • Green oats as a tasty supplier of fiber
  • Trade form: 15 kg bale

LeichtGenuss -   Fiber light active power supply

The horse plays a very different role in today's society: it once served as a 'work horse', later it was used in sport. Now the horse is our friend and recreation partner, a change that is not necessarily reflected in feeding. Many horses are overfed with grains and energy-rich feed. The number of overweight horses and the resulting problems such as metabolic disorders has increased dramatically. The newly developed LeichtGenuss from AGROBS is specially made to address this problem.
LeichtGenuss has a strong structural content that prolongs feed intake, satisfies the need to chew and supports tooth wear. Chaff improves salivation, which leads to better digestion. A mix of flowers provides the necessary variety and provides natural nutrients. Thanks to the tasty mix of fibres, LeichtGenuss is a joy to eat.
The combination of low-energy grasses, herbs, green oats and straw makes LeichtGenuss from AGROBS the ideal feed for overweight horses and for horses with an uncomplicated nutritional requirement and for horses with a low energy requirement.
LeichtGenuss can of course be offered to all other horses as a tasty treat in addition to the daily feed ration. 

  • rich in fiber
  • very tasty and filling, even in small portions
  • extremely low starch and sugar content
  • very low energy content
  • free from molasses


  • Natural food for all horses, rich in fiber
  • Especially for easy keepers and obese horses
  • High-quality occasional feed to keep horses busy
  • As feed for horses with stable rest

Nutrition Recommendation:

* as  supplementary food : daily 50 – 300 gr per 100 kg body weight

* to  improve roughage : 1 kg of Leichtgenuss replaces 1 kg of hay. Switch slowly.

* as a  concentrate substitute : 2 kg Leichtgenuss replaces approx. 1 kg grains/concentrate

Leichtgenuss can replace up to 1/3 of the full basic ration if necessary.

As a mineral supplement, we recommend an AGROBS® mineral feed, adapted to your horse and its needs.

Meadow grasses and herbs, green oats, straw, hibiscus blossoms, bush rose petals, cornflower blossoms, marigold blossoms.

Analytical components:

Crude protein 6.20 % Fructan 4.40 %
Crude oils and fats 1.60 % Zinc 18.00 mg/kg
Crude fibre 31.90 % Manganese 67.40 mg/kg
Crude ash 6.10 % Copper 4.10 mg/kg
Calcium 0.39 % Selenium < 0.04 mg/kg
Phosphorus 0.20 % Lysine 0.27 %
Magnesium 0.13 % Methionine 0.10 %
Chloride 0.37 % Cystine 0.06 %
Sodium 0.02 % Threonine 0.25 %
Potassium 1.47 % Digestible energy 6.98 DE MJ / kg
Sulphur 0.12 % Metabolisable energy 5.80 ME MJ / kg
Starch 1.42 % Prececal dig. crude protein 3.50 %
Sugar 6.80 %    

The analysed values are of native origin.

*The analysed sugar value is also of wholly native origin. No added artificial sugars.

Our philosophy:

After work, it's time to feed good things:
In 1993, Jakob Berger founded the company AGROBS and since then he has focused intensively on the production of natural and health-promoting raw fiber products. Since 2007, we, Florian and Simon Berger, have been leading the company into the future, with the know-how of our father and in the spirit of our father.

Healthy, species-bound, natural - words we want to fill with life. They drive us every day. A horse is so much more than just a pet. It is a family member, a friend, a companion. His health is our responsibility. In order to meet these requirements, we are committed to the development, production and distribution of the best basic and complementary feeds, made from meadow grasses and herbs from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, with conviction and the greatest care.

The strong affinity of the company founder, Jakob Berger with nature, is carried by the Berger family and all employees. Correctly dealing with nature and animal welfare has been our priority for decades.

Healthy and natural food of high quality and in harmony with our ecological system, to ensure ideal metabolism and digestion.

Bavarian & Regional:
Pasture grasses and herbs from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps with short production methods.

Suitable for species:
Basic food, rich in crude fiber, supplemented with valuable and life-saving minerals, trace elements and vitamins. With nature-based feed concepts, supplementary feed and a high concentration of trace elements and delicacies, AGROBS makes the ideal, species-specific feed for herbivores.

Conscious of tradition:
Traditional agriculture and biodiversity instead of high performance and mass production.

Wisdom related to the scientific knowledge of our agronomists and the know-how of our veterinarians.

What makes the quality of Agrobs so special?
For the manufacture of our products we buy from farms (and drying cooperatives) in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. This allows us to work closely with the farmers with whom we have quality agreements.

Quality management according to GMP+:
The entire supply chain of our used products is subject to GMP+ FSA standards. We guarantee ideal feed safety with a biodiverse plant population, ideal soil conditions, continuous  area monitoring and  periodic internal and external audits

GMP+ B1 certificate for AGROBS as production, distribution and service.

Controlled sources:
Regular monitoring and documentation of the land and crop is crucial to us. Quality agreements with the farmers who supply us guarantee additional assurance of the raw material quality. We also emphasize extensive monitoring of our incoming goods and harvest times, coordinated by us.

Natuurland organic certification:
Naturland is an association for ecological agriculture. The AGROBS GmbH and the Rauscherhof GbR are Naturland certified. Furthermore, the AGROBS GmbH and the Rauscherhof GbR are certified for the production and trade of organic feed. The Ecocert IMO GmbH carries out an annual audit and awards the organic certifications.

In our internal development of our products, we work closely with professionals from agricultural sciences, agriculture and veterinarians, in order to always meet the highest quality standards. We focus on annually determined analyzes and strict resource monitoring with continuous documentation of the various ingredients.

Innovative thinking:
Innovation has been at the forefront of our company for over 30 years. When it comes to our products, we adhere to the highest standards and are committed to providing natural foods at all times, produced without molasses, low in sugar, low in starch and free from artificial additives. This quality is passed on to our customers.

Agrobs LeichtGenuss is available in:                          15 kg

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