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Aves LoriNectar wordt in tientallen landen met veel succes gebruikt. Het heeft uitstekende voedingswaarden, wordt zonder probleem door de vogels geaccepteerd. Read more
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Aves LoriNectar

LoriNectar is used in many countries with great success. It has an excellent nutritional value, is readily accepted and low-priced. LoriNectar contains all essential amino acids as a water soluble protein, and all 28 essential vitamins, minerals and trace-elements for maintenance of all species of Lorinae. It contains enough protein with an excellent amino acid pattern for complete regrowth of feathers. The carbohydrates and fatty acids are completely resorbable.

With the combination of Loristart and LoriNectar most species of Lori have been reared and kept in excellent condition, all over the world.

Preparation of the Lorinectar :
Put 5 spoonfuls (25 gram) of LoriNectar in a jar. Fill a glass with 100 ml water. Add the water gradually to the powder, stirring continuously with a fork. For small birds use 4 spoonfuls of LoriNectar (25% diluted). An electric blender (low speed) can also be used for easier and faster preparation.

How to use:
Supply a fresh solution every day. During warm weather twice daily. Fruit, berries, greens and soaked seeds in limited quantities: birds have individual preferences for these food-items. Offer at all times water for drinking and bathing.

Plastic bag with 900 gram for ± 4,5 litre
Carton box with 9 kg for ± 45 litre

since 1976 proved to be a successful lori diet
nearly all species of Lorinae have been maintained in excellent condition
complete and water soluble
easy to prepare
not sweet, does not attract bees, wasps and ants
feeding value printed on the label.

About Aves:
Avesproduct has specialised in the development and production of specialist birdfoods. Based on fundamental knowledge and research, Avesproduct’s high quality birdfoods have acquired an excellent name. Due to many years of intensive contacts with birdbreeders, Zoological Gardens and scientific Institutions, Avesproduct is able to give extensive, practical and objective advice. Through excellent service and professional guidance Avesproduct’s birdfoods have been used with great success since 1976.

Many questions are often raised about bird nutrition. The concept of the energy value, the desired nutritional value of bird diets, the differences between animal and plant protein, the function of vitamin E, the use of vitamin and mineral supplements are only a few examples. To our knowledge, only few professional nutritionists are working in the field of bird nutrition. Nutritional research published in Scientific and Avicultural Magazines are rather hindered by a shortage of professionally educated nutritionist with an interest in birds and bird nutrition than by financial funds. In our view both areas of expertise should go hand in hand. Avesproduct has published several books and numerous articles in the Dutch language. It is a challenge to translate parts into English and have them published on Internet.

J.P. Holsheimer, our senior research nutritionist, has a lifetime experience as a scientific researcher in avian nutrition. He is an invited member of The New York Academy of Sciences and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The honours were presented to him because of his publications in internationally recognised scientific magazines.


LoriNectar is available in:            900 gr │ 2,5 kg │ 9 kg │ 15 kg │ 24 kg │ 27 kg


Aves Lorinectar, complete and water soluble diet for Lories, Lorikeets and Fig parrots.

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