Witte Molen

Within the Laroy Group, the specialist food producer Witte Molen can now offer its customers a wide range of food and accessories for dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, pigeons, fish and reptiles. With a higher level of service in addition.

Witte Molen Parrot Premium Plus (15 kg)

Premium blend for Parrots, Macaws, Amazons and cockatoos. A premium blend for parrots with a wide variety of grains, seeds and vegetables.

€29,95 Incl. tax
€24,75 Excl. tax
Witte Molen Puur Parrot (2 kg)

Puur Parrot van Witte Molen is a seed mix for parrots. This mix contains special and varied ingredients such as mango, pine nuts, chili pepper and Brazil nuts.

€9,95 Incl. tax
€8,22 Excl. tax
Witte Molen Parrot food without nuts (15 kg)

Witte Molen Parrot Food without nuts. The feed consists of mixed seeds with sunflower seeds and has a high energy level. Because of the large variety, this food is very tasty.

€27,47 Incl. tax
€22,70 Excl. tax
Witte Molen Expert basic Parrot (15 kg)

€22,50 Incl. tax
€18,60 Excl. tax
Witte Molen Country Parrot (2.5kg)

Put together with care from high-quality raw materials. A selection of different seeds, kernels and nuts, a delicious taste and a good source of essential fibre, vitamins and minerals. Optimum stomach and intestinal function and a healthy plumage. Co...

€6,65 Incl. tax
€5,50 Excl. tax
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