Beaphar Anti-Mite strip

Anti-Mite strip used against mites and feather mites in cage and aviary birds. Mite and feather mites are birds not only difficult, but also harmful to their health.

€7,20 Incl. tax
€6,61 Excl. tax
Beaphar Bird Spray 404

Fight pests such as mites, mosquitoes and other flying insects to birds.

€10,23 Incl. tax
€9,39 Excl. tax
Beaphar Parasita (50ml)

To combat lice, mites, blood- and shaft mites on birds. Lice and mites cause great stress among the birds.

€9,95 Incl. tax
€9,13 Excl. tax
Beaphar Anti-Parasite Spot-On for Small Birds

A convenient spot-on treatment for small birds such as canaries and budgies. This approved veterinary preparation contains ivermectin and comes in convenient pre-diluted pipettes for ease of use. Simply squeeze the contents of the pipette onto the ba...

€4,99 Incl. tax
€4,58 Excl. tax
Beaphar Anti-Trachea mite (10ml)

Drug to combat animal trachea and air sac mites in canaries, finches and other aviary birds.
Also effective against scab in parakeets (scaly face).
This drug can also perfectly be used against scaly legs on birds and chickens (mixed with some petro...

€8,95 Incl. tax
€8,21 Excl. tax
Not available
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