Beaphar Mite Blocker Combi (500ml)

Mite Blocker Combi is suitable for aviary birds and fowl-like animals such as ornamental chickens, quail and their environment. The spray immobilizes blood lice, mites, lice, ticks and other parasites, works directly and protects animals and the environme

€11,95 Incl. tax
€9,88 Excl. tax
Beaphar Intensive red

Beaphar intensive red color intensifies the red color of all bird species, such as colored canaries, Linnet, goldfinches, cardinals, etc.

€5,25 Incl. tax
€4,34 Excl. tax
Beaphar Moulting-Aid+ (50g)

Moulting-Aid+ is a preparation to help Birds as quickly as possible by shedding over It contains, among other vitamins, minerals, amino acids, pre-and probiotics, and fills and precisely those nutrients which are necessary for the eveloping new spri...

€6,95 Incl. tax
€5,74 Excl. tax
Beaphar Insecticidal Spray (150ml)

Insecticidal spray, effective against fleas and lice. Simply spray onto the fur, leave for a couple of minutes and then wipe off any excess spray with a cloth.

€6,99 Incl. tax
€6,41 Excl. tax
Beaphar Bevomix Condition Powder (500g)

Bevomix condition powder is a preparation to keep. Birds in optimal health Includes vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and probiotics and amino acids. Ideal as a supplement during periods when the bird needs extra nutrients.

€13,99 Incl. tax
€11,56 Excl. tax
Beaphar Multi-Vit for Birds

Multi-Vit contains a variety of 12 different vitamins. Multi-Vit helps to promote excellent conditioning whilst speeding up moulting and increasing song performance.

€5,75 Incl. tax
€4,75 Excl. tax
Beaphar Vitamin A (20ml)

Vitamin A is a vitamin for birds that do not produce (or insufficient) vitamin A, such as: Parakeets, Parrots, Cockatoos and Canaries (white recessive).

€5,95 Incl. tax
€4,92 Excl. tax
Beaphar Multi-Vit Papageien und Großsittiche

Multi-Vit for the bird contains 12 different vitamins including vitamin A, important for birds Multi-Vit accelerates moulting, promotes fitness, gives a healthy and glossy plumage and fills gaps that can lead to v. ..

€5,75 Incl. tax
€4,75 Excl. tax
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