Himbergen 207 - Seed mix for large parakeets and lovebirds (25 kg)

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Basic Mixture for large parakeets and lovebirds without sunflower seeds. These should be added depending on the housing and living period of the birds. This is due to the fat content of the sunflower seeds. Read more
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The bird lover asks often, "Why are sunflower seeds added to the basic mixture for parakeets and lovebirds (code 7)?" In order to answer this question, we must not only take into account the housing, but also with the period in which the birds live, rest, breeding and moulting season.

Housing: Lovebirds are usually held in an indoor space, which may or may not re-heated in the winter months. In contrast, large parakeets are usually housed in an outdoor flight with night shelter, which at most can be kept frost free during the winter months

Period of life: Breeding and moulting period production periods for all species of birds, more energy is consumed in the intensive metabolism. This has to be supplemented with the feed, so parakeets their condition over a longer period to maintain, again.

Code 7 should therefore be added during breeding and moulting season for parakeets 16% sunflower seeds (max) seed mix in the rest period is an addition of up to 12%.

Lovebirds and Parrotlets are usually housed in an indoor space. During breeding and moulting period may be added up to 12% sunflower seeds and more than 6% in the rest period. Stay the Lovebirds, Parrotlets or catharina parakeets in the rest period in a heated room (15 C or warmer) than no sunflower seeds may be provided, because the birds would be too fat under the home environment The energy of the sunflower seeds is not consumed and converted to body fat. To fat birds are less suitable for farming. The excessive fat reserves can hinder the birth roads, and egg binding.

For this reason, togevoegd no sunflower seeds to the seed mix for parakeets and lovebirds (Himbergen code 7). The period in which the birds live (breeding, moult or rest) and the housing (outside, inside the unheated, heated) are also determine the amount of sunflower seeds parakeets and lovebirds may record. There huiosvesting and living period with any bird enthusiast may differ, need to add any enthusiast for his / her situation following schedule sunflower seeds.

The 7 BIG PARAKEETS lovebirds

Culture / Rui 16% (4 kg max) 12% (3 kg max.)

Rest 12% (3 kg max) 0-6% (0 - 1.5 kg max.)

() Between the parentheses is the quantity zonnepittten, the lover must add to a bag of 25 kg Code 7.

Solar seeds are a very popular food for many species of parakeets. Because of the high fat content, they should not be provided indefinitely. To promote balanced food intake is wise breeding birds to provide a controlled amount of food. Preferably, at a fixed feeding time. Note: Birds should never be without food at the next feeding time may still be a little seed in the manger.

With this feed method, is prevented, not only the high-fat seeds are recorded, but also the smaller, less high-fat seeds are eaten. Recording (peeling) of the different types of seed for birds is also a social activity and is the basis for a good (culture) condition!

Sunflower seed come in different varieties (large, medium, fine) and colors (white, striped, black). Research has shown that there is no significant difference between the proportions of "pit shell" white sunflower seeds (large and medium) and striped sunflower seeds. Approximately 46% of the sunflowerseed peel and 54% pit. The nutritional value of sunflower seeds is thus virtually the same condition that the kernel of good quality!

When sunflower seeds are added in the required amount of seed mix code 7, in accordance with the housing and the life period of the birds, they are conducted in a responsible manner throughout the year.

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