Superfit Horse Horse feed (Balancer)

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A horse is a roughage digester, so sufficient good hay is the basis of the horse ration. Due to the one-sided roughage that we have at our disposal, it is important to supplement these shortages. And for that we have developed Superfit Horse. Read more
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Superfit Horse
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Information about the product:

Superhorsefit Horse Feed (Balancer)

A horse is a roughage digester, so sufficient good hay is the basis of the horse ration. Due to the one-sided roughage that we have at our disposal, it is important to supplement these shortages. And for that we have developed Superfit Horse.
Superfit Horse is a mineral and vitamin complex that includes calcium, vitamin E, vitamin B, zinc, selenium, magnesium, biotin, good proteins (from alfalfa), omega 3 and 6 fats, all essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. It does not contain added sugars and chemical additives. Due to the balanced composition, Superfit Horse contains only 8.6% sugar and starch. This makes it ideal for sensitive horses.
Superfit Horse uses the best organic absorbable ingredients for horses. Due to the high concentration of natural nutrients, these are better absorbed by the body.

What your horse tastes is attention, and that (s) makes the difference.

Nutritional advice: As a basis 45 grams per 100 kg per day, in addition to sufficient (preferably unlimited) roughage, and a salt stone. Optionally, you can place an extra water bowl with Celtic sea salt for your horse or pony.

If your horse needs more energy, because of higher performance, please contact us so that we can make a feeding plan together.


Raw materials:

Raw materials (our raw materials are 94.4% of EKO quality)
Luzerne 14/16 ECO
Sunflower seed flakes EKO
Premix Horse (minerals and vitamins)
Celtic Sea Salt
Linseed EKO
Oils / Fats EKO

Feed analysis:

Rough eggwhite 14.46%
EW Horse 0.56
VRE Horse 8.2%
Crude fat 8.35%
Crude fiber 21.56%
Crude inorganic substance 17.40%
Lysine 6.4gram
Starch 6.39%
Sugar 2.23%


Content Amount per kilogram
Calcium (Ca) 30 g
Phosphorus (P) 5.7 g
Potassium (K) 18.8 g
Magnesium (Mg) 12 g
Zinc (Zn) 2000 mg
Iron (Fe) 470 mg
Koper (Cu) 380 mg
Sodium (Na) 4.86 g
Manganese (Mn) 1003 mg
Selenium (Se) 2.5 mg
Iodine (I) 7.0 mg
Cobalt (Co) 2.5 mg
Chlorine (Cl) 9.6 g

Added vitamins

Content Quantity per kg
Vitamin A. 40,000 IU
Vitamin B1 200 mg
Vitamin B2 200 mg
Vitamin D3 10,000 IU
Vitamin E (DL-a-Tocof. Acet.) 2000 mg
Vitamin C 3000 mg
Vitamin B12 1200 mcg
Biotin 2000 mcg

About Superhorsefit:

As contact persons of Superfit Horse, we would like to introduce ourselves to you. Since we think it is important that you know who to turn to for questions and advice. This is because we like to be close to our customer and only want the best for you and your horse!

My name is Theo van Wijngaarden and I was born in beautiful 1976. I am the owner of Superfit Horse. I started as a road worker, but unfortunately I could not find enough of a challenge here and I wanted to do something else, to make life a lot more fun. In 2007 I had the opportunity to take over a pet store. And because I am a real nature person and animals are part of this, I took up this challenge.

During this adventure many nutritional questions arose, especially about horse nutrition, because this was present in large numbers in the store. I did not know an answer to many questions at the time. That's why I started to find out. After many phone calls to manufacturers and suppliers, I had not become much wiser, except that a lot of food is actually more fast food for horses. At the beginning of 2008 a customer came who knew exactly what she wanted, a new feed came onto the market and she wanted to buy this product from me. At that moment I called the person behind that brand and asked what else was wrong with the food than the food products that were in the store at the moment. This person has taught me a lot about the digestive system of the horse and how a horse reacts to the nutrition it receives. 3, 5 years later I noticed that I was continuing to develop, but this developer was not, so the search went on to even more depth. I had found a new person in this, who went even deeper into the matter, but because of this I also noticed that this was not yet the product, which can really support the horse in its basic needs. It was then decided to make the start with Superfit Horse.

The name Superfit Horse actually arose as a spontaneous inspiration, when I was brainstorming together with a comrade. A nice fresh name, which stands for what I want to offer a horse.

I think it is very important that Superfit Horse stays with nature, taking into account the needs of the horse. My ideal thought is who does good, meets well. We are all different beings with different ideas, thoughts and beliefs. But one thing is certain, we all want our horse to be healthy and have a good life, on the other hand we also care for nature here, because without nature our horse cannot live. That is why a small-scale factory has been chosen that does not produce on a large scale, but looks at what is best. This factory is completely organic with certificate. I also consciously chose Eko raw materials, because this makes me feel better with what I believe in. The reason there is no Eko label on Superfit Horse,

My vision on life is that you should enjoy, and get everything out of life that is in it, and only do what you like, so I still love to enjoy nature and everything that the nature has to offer. Because of this I have not always given the attention to Superfit Horse that it deserves, I also missed a link here. And there I suddenly got in touch with Carolien van Santen, this was a beautiful moment, someone with enthusiasm, the same love for nature and with only 1 important goal in mind, simplicity, depth and the best for your horse. With part of her enthusiasm, she will support Superfit Horse and hopefully give even more to you as horse owners.

Theo van Wijngaarden

My name is Carolien van Santenborn in 1985 and since the end of 2020 Superfit Horse has come my way. I had heard of this brand before but it hadn't really gotten in. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I decided to take the plunge and ask if I could get more information about the products and possibly become a sales point. This conversation was surprisingly positive. What a beautiful and pleasant feeling I got from this conversation. We decided to make an appointment for a personal introduction. In the meantime I had already done some more homework and wondered why so little is known about this brand when it is really a very nice product. During our personal meeting, of course, I immediately arranged a test bag so that I could test this on our own horses. The first bite I had not seen the horse enjoying his food for a long time, he was really smacking. So that test passed.

I also knew that as a point of sale I could not mean very much and I wanted more. This product deserves the opportunity for attention and horses deserve to be introduced to this feed. So I proposed to Theo if I could do more than just be a point of sale. And secretly also made some proposals for a number of new products in the range. This is how our collaboration started, I hope to have a very good time in which I can make many horse owners and of course horses and ponies happy.

I will tell you a bit more about my background, I was almost born on a horse, I really cannot imagine a life without horses. The same also applies to dogs that have been in my life from day 1. As a little girl I was actually always outside and really enjoyed it. Since working with animals seemed like a lot of fun to me, but also difficult to earn the money, I opted for another training, namely Social pedagogical work, I wanted to be in or in front of the classroom. During my training I did study food for dogs and horses, as my animals had some problems. In addition to my training, I already started my own company in animal nutrition advice. I continued to expand this and continued to learn with separate courses and training. A number of these are: workshops nutrition of various brands, training veterinary assistant, herbal medicine, Bach flower consultant for animals, homeopathy for animals and now I am engaged in an in-depth training on nutrition.

Before this I worked for 1.5 years and 5 years at 2 brands of animal nutrition where I learned a lot, but I could not put everything into it, I would prefer to develop my own nutrition, but that costs a lot of money and there is already so much When I got to know Superfit Horse everything fell into place and I get the feeling that I can put everything into it and that I can continue to develop with new products on the market and especially pass on my knowledge to horse owners who also want the best for their horse. In the coming period I will therefore focus on making webinars in which I can share various things with you and try to answer all your questions. But if you already have questions, you can always send me a message via the contact page.

Carolien van Santen with Stafloyd

Superhorsefit Horse feed (Balancer) is available in:                            20 kg

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