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Finecto-plus is a 100% natural product that the life cycle of lice and mites interrupts. The operation is based on a unique, patented formula with a mechanical, hygroscopic and resistant force on blood lice, mosquitoes and other insects. Read more
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Facts about Red Mites:

- In optimal conditions mites lay up to 8 eggs a day
- Within 6 days 40 % of the eggs reach the stage of being fully grown
- In 3 months, one pair of mites can produce more than 75 million offspring!
- Every day 55% of the red mite population is feeding from the blood of your birds.

It is not surprising that this will lead to a lot of stress and agitation to the birds and the overall loss of condition of your birds.
Young chicks will suffer in their development because of the appearance of red mites.
During the day you will only see a small amount of the actual red mite population; they hide in gaps and joints. At night, red mites come out and look for birds to feed on.
Due to the fact that a lot of mites are not visible during the day, it is almost impossible to eliminate these mites with an insecticide. That is how red mite quickly builds up resistance towards chemical pesticide.

Finecto+ is a long lasting solution!
Finecto+ is a 100% natural product that interrupts the life cycle of the red mites. Finecto+ has a proprietary formula which works in a mechanical way. The effect of using Finecto+ is that the mite dry out when they get in contact with this product.
Finecto+ also has the ability to work as an insect repellent. The special fixing agent makes sure that Finecto+ will attach to any surface. That is why Finecto+ is such a long lasting treatment.
How to use:

We recommend cleaning the animal house properly with a lot of water before you use Finecto+. Before you use Finecto+, you have to shake the spray bottle properly until the sediment is no longer visible. Finecto+ is a 100% save product to use. The birds can stay in their housing during the treatment. It is important to spray Finecto+ in every corner and place where the mites have to travel to reach the birds. Especially the walls, floor (only if there is no sawdust or any kind of floor covering.), perches (topside, bottom & side!), breeding place, gaps, joints and any other possible hiding place for red mites. It is also possible to treat the legs of the birds. This is how red mites often get on to the birds to suck their blood.
Red mites can also hide in travel boxes and show cages, etc. You have to spray all surfaces properly, with Finecto+.
Red mites are present all the year round. There is always a possibility of an outbreak if conditions are optimal (high temperatures and humidity). That is why it is better to use Finecto+ the whole year around. This is the way to keep the red mites under control. Because of that you keep your birds in good condition and healthy.
To control the red mites one treatment a month is normally enough. However when there is an extensive outbreak, it is advisable to repeat the treatment after two weeks. To do the follow-up treatment you don’t need to clean the bird housing with water. You just spray on top of the first treatment.

Do not put Finecto+ in the drinking water! Oral absorption can cause an impacted crop and intestines. After using Finecto+ you have to rinse the spray nozzle thoroughly. This avoids clogging of the nozzle when you want to use the product for the next treatment. Finecto+ will leave a white covering on the walls of the bird housing and is hard to remove. This white covering is the active substance that controls the cycle of the mites and dries them out.

Finecto+: Save for animals, man and biosphere!
Finecto+ doesn’t contain poison and is harmless for animals and human beings!
Finecto+ doesn’t cause resistance. That is why the control of red mites can be guaranteed.
Finecto+ breaks down in nature for 100%
Finecto+ has got a natural way of protection against other insects
Long lasting action = less work & less cost.
The sustainable solution.
Serenity in the aviary!

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