Metazoa Esparcette Coarse (15 kg)

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Esparcette is very suitable for horses with insulin resistance, cushings and laminitis because it does not contain grains but does contain a lot of fibres and minerals/vitamins. Read more
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Information about the product:

Metazoa Esparcette Coarse

Metazoa has a new product: Esparcette! It is sold chopped in bales of 15 kg and in a 6 mm grain in 20 kg bags.

Esparcette contains natural tannic acid. More specifically: oligiomeric and polymeric proanthocyanides. Also called condensed tannins. The esparcette of Metazoa contains an average of 7% of these. These substances have an efficacy against endoparasites. For example, worms such as the blood worm. In addition, they have an anti-inflammatory effect and ensure that damaged tissue is repaired faster.

Esparcette is very suitable for horses with insulin resistance, cushings and laminitis because it does not contain grains but does contain a lot of fibres and minerals/vitamins.

Esparcette is a butterfly-flower that binds nitrogen (N²) from the air by means of root tuber bacteria so that it becomes available as a nutrient for the plant.

As a result, butterfly-flowers usually have a higher protein content than non-butterfly-flowers. These are biologically high-quality proteins for horses. They are needed to build muscle. Without good proteins, good muscle building is impossible.

Esparcette can be given as a supplement to hay. Horses love it. This product does not need to be made wet but it is allowed. If you make it wet a delicious smell is released. Horses usually prefer to eat it.

Esparcette from Metazoa is mowed, chopped and then dried in clean air. After this it is packed in 15kg bales. This makes it a very pure product with as little processing as possible and without any additives. It therefore contains a very high percentage of the healthy leaf dust. Very suitable to make a slobber.

Metazoa Esparcette contains only Esparcette with a high structural value.


Inhoud: Percentages:
Ruw eiwit 12,8%
EW Paard 0,46
Ruwe celstof 27,1%
Ruwe anorganische stof 12,5%
Nutriënt: Gram/kg
Ruw vet 16
Natrium 0,4
Kalium 25,2
Magnesium 1,6
Calcium  10,1
Fosfor 3,0
Zwavel 2,3
Nutriënt: Mg/kg
Mangaan 16
Zink 28
IJzer 283
Koper 7,8
Molybdeen 4,8
Jodium 0,5
Nutriënt: Mcg/kg
Cobalt 156
Selenium 583
Gecondenseerde tanninen 7,0%

Over Metazoa:

Metazoa is inspired by primal food. Only eat what your body really needs and can absorb and digest well. For horses it is roughage. But roughage alone is not enough. That is why Metazoa developed the first real broad-spectrum mineral and vitamin supplement for horses and ponies. This supplement replaces standard chunks or muesli. Metazoa products do not contain molasses, grain, soya or genetically modified raw materials, as these disrupt the horse's digestion. Unlimited roughage and a hand of Metazoa Superfit Broxxx, that's all your horse needs. Don't feed your horse unnecessary ballast, choose a different way of feeding.

Cheaper than standard chunks
Due to the high concentration of nutrients in the feed, you only need to feed very little. The advice is 50 grams per 100 kilos of body weight. A horse weighing 500 kilos gets 250 grams per day.

This costs € 0.38 per day, which is € 11.40 per month. So it is cheaper than standard kibble.

Metazoa Esparcette Coarse is available in:                15 kg

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