Natural Vitaminor Brewer’s Yeast

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Vitaminor provides a complex of natural B-vitamins, which are important for the metabolism of sugars, proteins and fats and therefore in the physiology of the racing effort. B-vitamins have therefore a positive influence on the physical efforts. Read more
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Natural Vitaminor Brewer’s yeast


A 100% natural product, rich in amino acids and B-vitamins

Natural Vitaminor is a brewer’s yeast grown on wort, grains and sugar derivatives.

The raw material is only obtained from breweries. It is dried thoroughly and prepared with great care for detail without the addition of any chemical agents. It fully preserves the nutritional qualities of each of its natural constituents. It is a 100% natural product rich in amino-acids, vitamins and organic mineral elements that are completely assimilated by the pigeon’s organism.

Natural Vitaminor provides a complex of natural B-vitamins, which are important for the metabolism of sugars, proteins and fats and therefore in the physiology of the racing effort. B-vitamins have therefore a positive influence on the physical efforts which the pigeon needs to produce.

Natural Vitaminor is a growth factor in the diet of young pigeons and enhances their resistance to various diseases and stress.

It is an established fact that Natural Vitaminor has a very favourable effect on the fertility of the breeding pairs and on the vitality of the youngsters.

Instructions for use:


Mix a generous dessert-spoonful of Natural Vitaminor or the quantity in the can lid with 1 kg of grains.

For optimum results moisten the grains with Natural Garlic Oil, or lemon juice or water to ensure a better adherence of Natural Vitaminor to the grains.

Maintenance scheme

During the breeding and moulting season

Add Natural Vitaminor at least twice weekly to the ration of grain.

Before the racing season

10-day diet during which Natural Vitaminor is added to the ration of grain to stimulate the pigeons’ physical condition.

During the racing season 

It is advisable to add Natural Vitaminor to the depurative mixture on the day they return from the race and on the following day to make sure they recover quickly from the efforts.

After any treatment of a disease

It is also advisable during and after a treatment against trichomonas, worms, coccidiosis and other infections to give Natural Vitaminor.

About Natural:
In 1970, two sons of Noël Descheemaecker, Joseph and Noël Jr., took over the company. A new, modern factory was built in Schoten for the sole production of pigeon grain mixes.

The Descheemaecker brothers had acquired name and fame in Belgian pigeon racing, but also in other countries. On the open days at the Breeding Station, many foreigners came to experience the Descheemaecker phenomenon. In particular, the neighbouring countries of France, the Netherlands and Germany were interested in the grain mixes, complementary products, and the Descheemaecker pigeons.

Joseph and Noël Jr. soon understood that international business expansion should be sought.

In 1966, Natural Granen hired a space at the National Exhibition in Germany. From the Van Hool bus factory, they hired a superb stand with various compartments, and a special showcase for displaying the grain mixes. This had never been seen before at a pigeon show, and the hostesses in their silver mini-skirts will most certainly have had something to do with that. Natural Granen was the first to do this in a professional manner, and became the trend setter for pigeon shows.

The strategy of exchanging a pedigree pigeon for collected vouchers was also applied in Germany, which proved to be a particularly interesting market to which Joseph and Noël Jr. would fully commit themselves.

The starting pistol had been fired:
The Natural Granen stand was the centre of attention at all the prominent trade fairs and Olympiads. In 1981, the Olympiad was held in Tokyo, which opened the door to the Far East. Belgium is, and remains, the cradle of pigeon racing. Natural Granen was known world-wide as a reliable company for its grain mixes, journals and publications, complementary products, and the pigeons from the Breeding Station. The name of Descheemaecker opened doors.

Natural Granen grew exponentially.

It was not long before Natural Granen was exporting to 55 countries, and becoming the clear market leader in most of them.

Complementary products:
In this section we present our complementary products to provide improved feeding and hygiene for the racing pigeon. They are the result of the extensive experience gathered by pigeon fanciers and intensified specialisation.

To this effect the number of products is reduced. Indeed, we only wish to present useful products having the qualities we can truly believe in.

We have divided our complementary products into 3 categories: Health, Essential and Hygiene products.

All our products are intensively tested in the Descheemaecker Pigeon Center and in the lofts of the pigeon fanciers of our staff. Natural complementary products are entitled to your confidence.

Narural Vitaminor Brewer’s yeast is available in:                                        450g │ 850g

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