Orlux Insect patee (20 kg)

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Orlux Insect patee, a complete diet for all insect-eating birds. It is also an additional food for tropical and native birds, small and large parakeets, parrots, fig parrots and lories. Insect patee is very rich in animal proteins and dried insects. Read more
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Information about the product:

Orlux Insect Patee (20 kg)

Orlux Insect patee is a complete diet for all insect-eating birds. It is also an additional food for tropical and native birds, small and large parakeets, parrots, fig parrots and lories. Insect patee is very rich in animal proteins and dried insects, ant eggs, Mexican larvae. Minimum 25 % insects. Thanks to its high content dried insects, this patee is perfectly suitable during the breeding season of European finches.

Directions for use:
Administer Insect patee throughout the year without restriction. One might add some live food. Refresh daily. Specially for jay- and thrush-like birds, Orlux offers also Remiline universal granules.

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein   22 
Crude oil   17 
Moisture   10 
Crude ash   11 
Crude fibre   3,5 
Calcium (Ca)   1,26 
Phosphorus (P)   0,65 
Vitamin A   6.500  IU/kg 
Vitamin D3   1.400  IU/kg 
Vitamin E   80  mg/kg 
Vitamin K   2,7  mg/kg 
Vitamin B1   6,5  mg/kg 
Vitamin B2   14,5  mg/kg 
Vitamin B3 (Panthotenic acid)   18  mg/kg 
Vitamin B6   5,4  mg/kg 
Vitamin B12   0,03  mg/kg 
Vitamin C   47,5  mg/kg 
Vitamin PP   2,7  mg/kg 
Choline chloride   630  mg/kg 
Folic acid   1,35  mg/kg 
β-carotene   3,65  mg/kg 
Vitamin H (Biotin)   0,24  mg/kg 
L-lysine   1,02 
Threonine   0,78 
DL-methionine   0,52 
Tryptophane   0,21 
Cystine   0,33 
Copper(II)sulphate pentahydrate - copper   15  mg/kg 
Insect-eating birds can be found on all continents. These birds mainly feed on insects and their need for insects is certainly very great when raising young. Nightingales, tits, wagtails, larks, niltavas, robins, leafbirds, spider-eaters, pittas... Hundreds of different types of insect-eating birds are kept and bred by true experts. These breeds, whose natural feed principally consists of insects, are given a daily ration of live insects. However this would not be adequate to keep them in good condition. A special pellet as a basic feed is essential.
Orlux, trendsetter in bird food: 
You only get good breeding results with perfectly balanced food that contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Essential amino acids (incl. lysine and methionine) are also indispensable for optimal growth in young birds.

But progress in bird food never stands still. Our own team of nutritionists and veterinarians ensure the development and continuous improvement of Orlux quality products. These specialists have realised a great breakthrough in bird food: after an extensive testing period Orlux is launching eggfood enriched with nutraceuticals. These nutraceuticals, in the shape of prebiotics, omega-3 fatty acids and L-carnitine, have a positive influence on bird health, condition, intestinal flora and general resistance. A unique combination was developed to obtain the very best in growth and breeding. Because only perfection is good enough for Orlux!
Orlux Quality Control:
All Orlux products are permanently tested in our own laboratory and Pet Research Center. Also the good relationship with breeders here and abroad and a proper team of scientists, food experts and veterinary surgeons guarantee a permanent development and continuous improvement of the Orlux quality products. For the manufacturing Of its products, Orlux always uses high-quality ingredients, which guarantees a superior quality of the end products.

The ultra-modern production process and the advanced packaging method are innovative in the bird nutrition sector. The products with the "100% guaranteed freshness" - logo are packed in a protective environment. The oxygen is removed from the packaging and replaced by an inert gas. Consequently, no harmful micro-organisms can develop inside this packaging and at the same time, the optimal conservation of vitamins is guaranteed. The special foil protects against light, air and humidity. This packaging technique, adopted from food industry, assures an optimal conservation of the Orlux quality products.

All Orlux-products are given an automatic coding at production. This code always includes the batch number and the expiry date. A sample of each production is kept. The coding not only makes it possible to assess the sample record again but the ingredients used, the production circumstances, etc. can also be checked again. This system guarantees complete traceability of Orlux-products throughout the entire distribution both nationally and internationally.

Packaging Orlux Insect Patee:                     20 kg

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