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Beaphar Egg mix for canaries & exotics - red (150 gr)

Supports the natural red color of the plumage. Beaphar egg mix with carotene is a valuable addition to the daily food of canaries and exotic birds. The course contained nutrients and building materials are in good shape for the bird wi ...

€1,99 Incl. tax
€1,64 Excl. tax
Beaphar Bird Minerals 1.25 kg

Minerals bird is especially suitable for cage and aviary birds. Lime, phosphorus and fine oyster shells provide a well developed bone structure. The other minerals are added through natural seaweed.

€4,95 Incl. tax
€4,54 Excl. tax
Beaphar Intensive red

Beaphar intensive red color intensifies the red color of all bird species, such as colored canaries, Linnet, goldfinches, cardinals, etc.

€5,25 Incl. tax
€4,34 Excl. tax
Beaphar Multi-Vit Parrots and Large Parakeets

Multi-Vit for the bird contains 12 different vitamins including vitamin A, important for birds Multi-Vit accelerates moulting, promotes fitness, gives a healthy and glossy plumage and fills gaps that can lead to v. ..

€5,75 Incl. tax
€4,75 Excl. tax
Beaphar Sivo Breed (1 kg)

Sivo Rearing is a high quality and fully crumb feed for chicks of pheasant species, quails, partridges, peacocks etc. Sivo Rearing is provided from the age of 4 weeks to 6 months. Sivo Rearing has a high protein content and an optima ...

€3,85 Incl. tax
€3,53 Excl. tax
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