Vitalbix Fiber-Mix

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Vitalbix Breed & Grow is a unique, fibre-rich muesli formulated according to the latest insights into nutrition for pregnant mares, foals, young horses (up to 3 years old) and breeding stallions. Read more
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Information about the product:

Vitalbix Fiber-Mix

Vitalbix Fiber-Mix is a unique roughage mix of healthy grasses with a low sugar content and timothy roughage, supplemented with 3% linseed oil.

Vitalbix Fiber-Mix is optimally digestible, stimulates saliva production and supports a healthy digestion. Mix Vitalbix Fiber-Mix with the other Vitalbix products to stimulate chewing. Supplement the roughage with Vitalbix Fiber-Mix for horses that can use some extra feed, or partially replace the roughage with Vitalbix Fiber-Mix.

Mix of high-fibre grasses - low sugar content.

  • Mix of high-fibre grasses - low sugar content
  • Stimulates chewing & saliva production
  • Supports a healthy stomach and intestinal flora
  • With 3% linseed oil - rich in omega-3 fatty acids

How do I feed Vitalbix Fiber-Mix?
Use Vitalbix Fiber-Mix for extra fibre as a supplement to Vitalbix Daily Complete, Vitalbix Active or Vitalbix Breed & Grow. The fibre-rich structure stimulates chewing and saliva production. Vitalbix Fiber-Mix contains short and soft fibres and can therefore also be fed to young horses and older horses with bad teeth. Vitalbix Fiber-Mix can be fed separately or mixed with the other Vitalbix products.

Feeding advice per day:

The table shows how much Vitalbix Fiber-Mix you can best feed your horse every day.

A standard 1 litre feed scoop contains around 200 grams of Vitalbix Fiber-Mix.

To stimulate chewing:
10 - 120 grams per 100 kg body weight. A horse weighing 500 kg should be fed 50 - 600 grams per day.

For horses that can use some extra feed:
150 - 400 grams per 100 kg body weight. A horse weighing 500 kg should be fed 750 - 2,000 grams per day.

As a partial substitute for roughage:
400 - 1,200 grams per 100 kg body weight. A horse weighing 500 kg should be fed 2 kg - 6 kg per day.

For extra fibre mix Vitalbix Fiber-Mix+ with the Vitalbix Daily Complete pellets. This will make your horse chew better and stimulate the production of saliva.

Vitalbix Fiber-Mix+ contains only healthy, natural ingredients and contains NO added sugars (molasses), soya, grains, alfalfa, artificial odourings, colourings or flavourings or synthetic preservatives.

Grass mix; mix of timothy grass, cocksfoot, reed fescue, achilles & green oats, timothy roughage chunks, cold-pressed linseed oil (3%)

Vitalbix Fiber-Mix+ contains no added vitamins & minerals and is intended as a supplement to Vitalbix Daily Complete, Vitalbix Active+ or Vitalbix Breed & Grow.

Did you know?
Vitalbix Fiber-Mix+ stimulates the production of saliva and helps to keep your horse's stomach and intestines healthy


The analysis below is per kilo (1,000 grams) Vitalbix Fiber-Mix+

Definition Value
Enenergy value (EWpa) 0.5
Digestible Crude Protein (VREp) 8.5%
Rough eggwhite 10.5%
raw fat 4.7%
Crude fiber 29%
raw ash 7.3%
Sugar (from the grasses, not added) 5.0%
Starch 2.0%
Calcium 6 grams
Phosphorus 2 grams
Magnesium 2 grams
Sodium 2 grams
Iron 240mg
Copper 5mg
Zinc 25mg
Manganese 21mg
Selenium 0.25mg

Vitalbix Fiber-Mix is available in:
                                     14 kg

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